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Emma Thompson-Chaplin is a British artist living and working in Japan, having achieved a Masters in Digital Media Design and an MA in Fine Arts. Known for her large-scale minimalist architectural inspired paintings and immersive projection installations, she loves to bring her artwork to life, creating moving paintings through animation, motion graphics and augmented reality. Emma is fascinated by the modern Japanese urban landscape and its design aesthetics rooted in Zen philosophy. Her work focuses on how these interconnect with the cultural, spiritual and ritual values of daily life.

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Selected press

Reflections of Japan, a solo exhibition by world-traveling British artist Emma Thompson-Chaplin, is on view at TomuraLee in Ginza, Tokyo, through December 23, 2023. While staying in Japan, she discovered a minimalist beauty and interest in the walls and tiles of buildings. The paintings, mostly in acrylic paint, conveyed the artist’s delight in discovery, and I was energized by the artist’s love of minimalism and digital technology. Art Driven Tokyo The Contemporary Art News in Tokyo

selected exhibitions

November 2024

Gallery A8T Sendai, Japan - Solo Exhibition

December 2023

Tomura Lee Gallery, Tokyo, Japan - Solo Exhibition

November 2023

Nucleus House, Portland, USA - Group Exhibition


Open College of the Arts, UK - Group Exhibition


Uptown Mall, Manila, Philippines - Group Exhibition


Bayanihan Creative Arts Centre, Manila, Philippines

Solo Exhibition - Augmented Reality 

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